Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick Card...on my new Gypsy!

So I've been playing on my new Gypsy here and there when I can sneak some time this week- and I just LOVE IT!  I've got 6 projets saved on it and I really feel like I am getting more out of my cartridges. Which, for the amount of money spent on them, is a really really great thing!

Here is a quick card I made to send across the US with an order of Girl Scout Cookies...

I think the thing I love most about the Gypsy is that you can lay out all the paper and know exactly where the image is going to cut. There is NO guessing!  I got every piece of paper I needed onto this 6x12 mat for my Cricut Create.

And here it is all together:

For some reason the picture is a little out of focus, and since I already packed up the cookies and the card, I cant take another photo! 

I thought I had the word "cookies" welded correctly, but my C and 1st O didn't weld so its a little not right there, but it add character, right? And belive it or not, this whole card was made from scraps. Yep. that 5x5 brown and green paper were in the scrap pile. Im THAT girl that cuts 2 inches from a 12x12 and considers the 10x10 thats left a scrap! You should see my scrap pile!


  1. This is great! I love GS cookies (a little too much...hehe)! Don't worry, I'm That person who saves every little scrap too! I have some of the smallest pieces that I am positive I'll use some day! I was excited when Sonia at Scraps 4 Fun started her fun challenge to use up our scraps! It gave me a reason to use them! TFS!

  2. Super cute! I'm updating my gypsy now as I type so that it's all up to date ... although I don't think there's anything extra going on it! ha ha