Sunday, February 27, 2011

Introducing Anne....

Yesterday I spent the entire day with my amazing group of paper crafting friends! Since we usually take over Anne's house it seems only right to showcase some of her work from yesterday.

Anne spent the day making St Patrick's Day cards for various members of her family and her friends. She made cards for kids and cards for the adults.

Here is a few of her cards:

This last one is probably my favorite.  I was making St Pat's Cards when we were all together last week and was caught dis-stressing paper...Anne took at great embossed boarded and made it look a little "old world" Celtic! And the bling on the Shamrock really completes the Hat!

What I didn't photograph and should have, was the insides which she also decorated. The cards for the kids had little Irish green dinos and robots in them!

MaryAnn took this great little picture:
A Very Irish Scene!

I'll work on my post for the St Pats cards I made and get those up soon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nothing like a little retail therapy....

So its become very clear to me that I live and work far to close to the crafts stores in this neck of the woods. Last week, I took off on my lunch break and found myself at Michael's where embossing folders were on sale 40% off....not a bad haul!

While I did do some scrapping and crafting this weekend, I was working on some very specific projects and didn't really get to play around a lot with my new I am looking forward to getting together with the ladies this weekend for some more creative time!

I have big plans this weekend, and one of them is to bring some friends onto my blog with for some guest appearances by Mary Ann, Deb and Anne they make some amazing projects this weekend!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Memo Boards!

These Memo Board were super easy to make and were a ton of fun!  I loved all the different fabric options to choose from at Joanns and in all honesty, this project got me over my fear of staple guns!

Meg's husband Jon has a rather nifty lil wood shop in their basement so he cut some thin boards down to 18x24 inches, I covered them with some batting that is made for quilts so it was easy to wrap it around the board with the fabric and then stapled in the woven ribbon strands at about the 5 inch marks. You could space them out even more, but the people I was making these for had a lot of stuff that could go on them so I wanted to make sure they had plenty of space.

All together, it took one 18x24 inch board, 1 yard of fabric (I also "finished" the back of the them so you wouldnt see the ribbon ends or edges) and about 36 Feet ( 2 spools) of ribbon for each board. For the ones that don't have white ribbon, I used 4 strands of the same colored ribbon to make the loops to hang the board from. I was able to get enough batting from a twin bed size roll for 4 boards. It was Medium thick batting, and the ribbons are secured really tight to the boards.

Our office is rather colorful now! All but one lady kept them in our office, the one who didn't took it home for her kitchen!

I got this idea off the My Pink Stamper website and Karlee Krafts website. Both have videos on how to do them I believe. They both used cork board for their projects, but I went a little different and used a thin type of plywood that Jon found at Home Depot.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Last weekend I got to spend the day with some of the best ladies in the world! We spent the day crafting and chatting away. We don't get to do this nearly as often as we would like to, but its always a good time when we do!

Say HELLO ladies!
Thats Meg from Crafting with Meg all the way over to the left, Leslie, Anne, Deb is hiding in the back, and Mary Ann is right up front!
Even with all the chatter...I managed to make a cute card that really summed up the day!
This isn't the best photo, the colors are a little off, but you can get the idea!

Wishing you all a great weekend with family and friends!

All the best, Sue-Ann

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another My Pink Stamper Challenge!

What a neat Blog Hop last night! It was so fun to see everyone's projects! Here is my project from the see what the challenge was go check out My Pink Stamper.

I am proud to say this was my first Gypsy project.  Not because I own one, but because I stole Megs and took it for a test run!

Hope you like it!  Will post more details later for those that are interested.  I always love to see comments and hear your thoughts! Let me know you were here!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finished Valentine!!!

YAY!!!!  My 2 sets of My Pink Stamper Stamps came today!  That means I got to finish my Valentines!!!!

I don't have a whole lot of patience, so it was a very long 9 days before these stamps arrived to my home!  So excited that I get to pass these cards out on Monday though!

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Pink Stamper Challenge!

Tonight, Robyn, My Pink Stamper, posted a challenge to make something about Spring, or something that makes you happy.  Here is my project- a Dragonfly card.

Dragonflies remind me of spring, and summer too (we often see many of them up at the lake house we rent). The colors in this card, shades of pink and green, also remind many people of Spring.
Here's how I did it:

  • This is a 5x5 inch white card base that I rounded the corners on.
  • 3 1/2 inch Dragonfly base and layers from the Circut CM exclusive Cheerful Seasons Cartridge. I used 3 shades of purple. Darkest for the base, next lightest for the overlay, and lightest purple for the top wing layer. I chose not to use the layer on the bottom wings. I used a light grey/light purple paper for the body of the dragonfly.
  • After I layered it all up, I used my I-Rock to set 6 crystals in the wings and then applied a million (ok 8) pop-dots to the back (they were smaller ones!)
  • I then layered a 5x5 piece of light pink paper with rounded corners, and a 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 piece of patterned green paper, also corner rounded, together and wrapped the double layer of ribbon around it, securing it to the back, and then to the card base.
  • After putting on the dragonfly I left like it needed just a little something more so I took out 2 white paper flowers, chalked them in shades of purple, and applied them to the card, with an I-Rock stone in the middle.
This project took me about an hour, as I had to re-adjust my Cricut settings and replace some paper parts! Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken very long at all!

I love when people leave comments, so let me know you were here!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Inspiration Station Challenges: PART 2!!

On to the afternoon challenges!  I have to say, I've never done an online crop or contest before but this was so much fun! Meg and I had a blast - while we were doing the challenges we weren't together, we were both snowed in at home! A few text messages, some calls and a lot of fun!

2 PM Challenge: Lets here it for the boys!  Cards or Pages for our about the Boys in our lives

This is a card that I made, maybe I'll give it to Stan for Valentine's Day...its a black card stock base that was not pre-packaged! LOL. I used Cricut's Graphically Speaking Cartridge with some silver foil paper and some card stock that is a light purple color.

3 PM Challenge: Birthdays!

Of all the cards I made during these challenges, and possibly all the ones I have ever made, this Birthday Card is my FAVORITE! I'm just loving it!  A 5x5 inch white stock card with rounded corners and a pink patterned paper overlay. "It's a Party" from the Cricut Sampler Cartridge with custom layers. You can not get just the balloon without the A in it so I added a small pink square of paper between the 2 layers. "Happy Birthday is spelt out in stickers that I have had forever and a day (so proud that I used them finally!).  The rhinestone stars are something I found one day at Michael's I think. They are clustered together into one sticker so you just peel off the whole cluster and place it.  The 8 other small stars were off one strip of stars that were hooked together in a straight line. I just plucked them apart.  I honestly wasn't sure I would be able to part with this card- but I did!  Not before I took several pictures though!

4 PM Challenge: Tea, Coffee or a Card you would give a Grandmother

At this point I needed some tea or coffee myself!  This was a very creatively busy day!
Everyone has a collection of mugs from a million different places right? So I made an "Inspiration Station" Mug for Debby as a little "Thanks" for a super fun day!

5  PM Challenge: Happy Hour!

Just another crazy night at the Legion!

6 PM Challenge: Get Caught up and Cleaned up! Thank goodness for a little break!  :)

7 PM Challenge: Love in a card or a Layout.
Look Familiar? And YES- I am still waiting for My Pink Stamper Stamps to arrive! According to the shipping notice from Custom Crops they should be here Tuesday!  I can't take it!  I don't want to wait any longer!  I am too excited for them!

8 PM Challenge: SNOW

This is the polar bear I first cut a few nights ago, but he was larger than I wanted at that moment. So I saved him and recycled him to this snow project.  This is another DCWV A2 card with a K & Company snowflake with rhinestone accent. The bow I'm pretty proud of. I've been trying to perfect my "flat knots" and so far this one was the best! This card is Vegas bound this weekend....hope he doesn't melt on the way! :)

.....and 8 PM brought us the last challenge to a super fun filled day!  Meg and I hit the road Saturday morning and headed down to The Inspiration Station for some new goodies and to pick up our prizes! Debby annoucned at 9:30 Wednesday night that she would have a prize for all of us the next time we were in the store! If you are in the area- or even if you aren't- I would suggest a trip to The Inspiration Station. Great products, great selection, and AWESOME Customer Service and support.

Be sure to watch both my Blog and Megs Blog, Crafting With Meg, to see what we make with our new supplies! 

The Inspiration Station Challenges! PART 1!!

Meg and I were some pretty busy girls on Wednesday!  The Inspiration Station- a scrapbooking store in Stafford Springs, CT was hosting an Online Crop (on their Facebook Page) since many people had ANOTHER snow day across MA and CT. Each hour, Debby, the store owner, posted a new challenge. While the Challenege did not have to be completed in the hour, Meg and I were trying to finish them before the next one was posted. Please be sure to check out Meg's Blog to see her completed progjects, here are my completed projects:

9AM Challenge: Spring or Flower theme on Pages or Cards

At first, when we thought the challenges had to be done within the hour, I was trying to think quick, with items I had readily available and wouldnt take too long to put togheter. This is a Standard A2 White Card with a pink overlay, white ribbon and some pre-colored paper flowers that I jazzed up with my I-Rock.

10AM Challenge- Glitz and Glitter:

Since we had more than an hour to complete and post the projects, I pulled out my Cricut, Diamond Glaze and glitter for this card! This 4th of July card has a triple mat, blue is the largest, a red layer next and then the off-white top layer. I used red glitter on the edges of the red mat, foil paper for the stars and before I applied diamond glaze to the colored in stamped ribbon image, I set 3 silver studs in it with my I-Rock. When I took this photo the diamond glaze was still very wet and not set. I promise it looks much nicer now!

11AM Challenge: Vacation/Relaxation Pages or Cards
What better way to relax than a nice day at Fenway Park??

12 Noon Challenge: Food

By now, my craft corner was a pretty big mess!  Some where in this mess, I have a stamp about being a great pear (pair) but I couldn't find it, and in fact, I still can't find it! This card was also a pre-packaged card and I added the purple paper on top and the ribbon on the bottom. The pear was done on the circut. The detail behind the pear is a clear embossed stamped image.

1 PM Challenge: Friends/Friendship cards or pages

This card is a 5x5 white card, the "Just Because" and the large flowers are a cricut cut that I custom layered. The rest of the writing came from 2 clear stamps that I scooped up for $1 at Jo-Ann's Fabric....proof that you can find neat things super cheap! The small orange flowers were done with an old Creative Memories punch and the small stones in the middle were set with my I-Rock. Can you tell I love my I-Rock???

More post coming soon!