Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Inspiration Station Challenges! PART 1!!

Meg and I were some pretty busy girls on Wednesday!  The Inspiration Station- a scrapbooking store in Stafford Springs, CT was hosting an Online Crop (on their Facebook Page) since many people had ANOTHER snow day across MA and CT. Each hour, Debby, the store owner, posted a new challenge. While the Challenege did not have to be completed in the hour, Meg and I were trying to finish them before the next one was posted. Please be sure to check out Meg's Blog to see her completed progjects, here are my completed projects:

9AM Challenge: Spring or Flower theme on Pages or Cards

At first, when we thought the challenges had to be done within the hour, I was trying to think quick, with items I had readily available and wouldnt take too long to put togheter. This is a Standard A2 White Card with a pink overlay, white ribbon and some pre-colored paper flowers that I jazzed up with my I-Rock.

10AM Challenge- Glitz and Glitter:

Since we had more than an hour to complete and post the projects, I pulled out my Cricut, Diamond Glaze and glitter for this card! This 4th of July card has a triple mat, blue is the largest, a red layer next and then the off-white top layer. I used red glitter on the edges of the red mat, foil paper for the stars and before I applied diamond glaze to the colored in stamped ribbon image, I set 3 silver studs in it with my I-Rock. When I took this photo the diamond glaze was still very wet and not set. I promise it looks much nicer now!

11AM Challenge: Vacation/Relaxation Pages or Cards
What better way to relax than a nice day at Fenway Park??

12 Noon Challenge: Food

By now, my craft corner was a pretty big mess!  Some where in this mess, I have a stamp about being a great pear (pair) but I couldn't find it, and in fact, I still can't find it! This card was also a pre-packaged card and I added the purple paper on top and the ribbon on the bottom. The pear was done on the circut. The detail behind the pear is a clear embossed stamped image.

1 PM Challenge: Friends/Friendship cards or pages

This card is a 5x5 white card, the "Just Because" and the large flowers are a cricut cut that I custom layered. The rest of the writing came from 2 clear stamps that I scooped up for $1 at Jo-Ann's Fabric....proof that you can find neat things super cheap! The small orange flowers were done with an old Creative Memories punch and the small stones in the middle were set with my I-Rock. Can you tell I love my I-Rock???

More post coming soon!

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