Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank You BEARY much!

So it is pretty snowy here in New England- and there is more to come this week! We are running out of places to put all of it- you can only move it so far with a shovel or "regular" snow blower. The piles were so large at the end of our driveway that we couldn't see when pulling on to the street. Stan, my husband, works for a local dealership that sells landscaping equipment- sooo........he borrowed a tractor/snow plow/industrial snow blower!!  We had a little roadside neighborhood party when Stan pulled up with the tractor- got everyone to move their cars and Stan was also able to widen our VERY snow-narrowed street.

Thankfully, Stan works right down the road from our house, so when he was done....he drove it right back to the shop (with me following in the car so he didn't have to walk home!)

So how do we say THANKS for letting us borrow this nifty little machine?  I made a card for the shop owner!

Here is what I used:

  • Cricut "Joys of the Season" Cartridge - Polar Bear Cut- All of these cuts were made with the "flip" feature on- the bear was originally looking to the right- I made him so he would look to the left.
    • 2 inch bear shadow cut in light blue
    • 2 inch regular bear cut in white
    • 2 inch layer cut in bright blue
  • DCWV "Winter Collection" Card - Size A2- in Blue
  • K & Company layered snowflake accent (Meg snagged both the cards and the layered snowflakes on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics for almost nothing!)
  • One border strip, 1/2 inch x 5 inch with one side cut with a wavy pattern
  • Martha Stewart Fine Crystal Glitter
  • Zip Glue Pens
  • Adhesive Tape Runner
  • Black fine point pen
  • Assorted Cricut tools
Layer up the polar bear, use the black pen to accent the eye and nose on the bear and place it on the card.  I did not use any dimensional dots on the bear since the snowflake is a double layer accent. I chose to write the saying on the "snow" but you could place it anywhere really.

Just to add a little extra something- I put some fine crystal glitter on the bears feet. Just to make them a little different from the "snow"!

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  1. Too cute! I'm quite jealous that I haven't had much time to craft ... possibly a snow day tomorrow would help my cause! Great job!