Monday, February 21, 2011

Memo Boards!

These Memo Board were super easy to make and were a ton of fun!  I loved all the different fabric options to choose from at Joanns and in all honesty, this project got me over my fear of staple guns!

Meg's husband Jon has a rather nifty lil wood shop in their basement so he cut some thin boards down to 18x24 inches, I covered them with some batting that is made for quilts so it was easy to wrap it around the board with the fabric and then stapled in the woven ribbon strands at about the 5 inch marks. You could space them out even more, but the people I was making these for had a lot of stuff that could go on them so I wanted to make sure they had plenty of space.

All together, it took one 18x24 inch board, 1 yard of fabric (I also "finished" the back of the them so you wouldnt see the ribbon ends or edges) and about 36 Feet ( 2 spools) of ribbon for each board. For the ones that don't have white ribbon, I used 4 strands of the same colored ribbon to make the loops to hang the board from. I was able to get enough batting from a twin bed size roll for 4 boards. It was Medium thick batting, and the ribbons are secured really tight to the boards.

Our office is rather colorful now! All but one lady kept them in our office, the one who didn't took it home for her kitchen!

I got this idea off the My Pink Stamper website and Karlee Krafts website. Both have videos on how to do them I believe. They both used cork board for their projects, but I went a little different and used a thin type of plywood that Jon found at Home Depot.

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  1. LOVE THESE! I might have to put an order in for one for my scrapbooking room! Great work!