Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Flower Soft Thank You!

Have you used Flower Soft? If not, I suggest you try it!  I love it!

Flower Soft is shaved foam that comes in solid colors or color mixes. You can also buy it in ultra fine or regular. This is the lavender mix and it is the regular type, not ultra fine. Meg and I picked this up when we were at Life Memories & More, a small scrapbook store in Palmer, MA. It was like $5.99 for a little pot of it and let me tell you....it was JAMMED in the pot. I could take the lid off and turn the pot upside down and it didn't budge!

You have to fluff the Flower Soft before using it- just take a little bit out of the pot and rub it between your fingers a few times to separate the pieces. Use a glue that has a low water content- like tacky glue, Sprinkle on the Flower Soft, lightly tap it and shake the excessive. I repeated it a few times and before the glue dried I took a fine glitter and sprinkeled it on top. The fine glitter sneaks in between the pieces of flower soft and give a nice sparkle to the project. Of course, I coudnt catch that on film though!

I snagged these metal "thank you" on clearance at the craft store for next to nothing! And since I dont have cropic markers and wanted something just a little softer, I used some artist grade colored pencils.

Hope you like the Flower Soft!

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  1. Love these! Even though I've got a bunch of colors, I still can't get myself to use them, I feel like it never comes out right! Great job!